Flat Panel Wall Mounts

Prices Reflect Non Power Cord Concealment

Power Outlet Behind HDTV Add $ 150.00

Wall Mount Prices are : 

* $150.00   19" - 37" HDTV

* $200.00   40" - 52" HDTV

* $250.00.00   52" & UP  HDTV

Wall Mount Package includes:

* Unpack HDTV

* Secure client purchased bracket to  preferred wall

* Secure HDTV to wall bracket

* Conceal AV wires behind wall

* Connection of HDTV to cable or satelite box

* Connection of HDTV to Blu Ray or DVD

* Connection of HDTV to AMP

* Combine Remotes

* Adjust HDTV Picture to your liking

* Complete Consultation of workings of new HDTV

* Vacuum, and Haul away boxes and mess

* Care is taken to put down drop cloth during installation.

Give your HDTV the illusion of floating

Get back lost floor space from large console units

Choose  Articulating Mount ( multiple angles, and extensions )   See Below 

Or Choose Low Profile Stationary Mount For Straight On Viewing. Like Below