Service Calls Are Here For You Starting AT $ 40.00

We offer Service Calls on all Components  regardless if HDC installed them or not.

*Add a New Amplifier to your System for Improved Surround Sound.

*Add Digital Audio Optical or Digital Coaxial Cables for Improved Sound from your Existing Amplifier.

*Add a new Blu Ray player to your existing HDTV and AMP

*Add a new DVD Burner to your Cable DVR or Satelite DVR to capture your favorite shows and important events. Not to mention free up space on the hard-drive  so you record more.

*Add a Digital Converter Box to your " Rabbit Ears " TV

*Add an Antenna to receive High Definition Signals from local stations using the built in digital tuner of your new HDTV

*Add a coax run to a different room.

*Add a Universal Remote to get rid of all of those remotes.

*Or mabey you just forgot how to work a component, a piece of your system is not working, or you need a refresher course. Not to worry we do that too.

These are just an example of services that High Definition Connection offers so call to schedule your appointment today.